Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

Yellow peppers Gazpacho - Gazpacho von gelber Paprika

1 large yellow bell pepper
½ small cucumber
1 medium sized tomato
¼ red onion
1 Tbs. vinegar (white wine) or 1 Tbs. fresh lemon juice
tabasco, salt
1 tsp. roasted whole cumin seeds
½ tsp. roasted whole coriander seeds
2 small slices baguette, cut into small cubes
1 handful of coriander greens
1-2 tsp. olive oil

Peel the bell pepper, cucumber and tomato and cut them in 1 inch pieces. Blend with the onion and add about ½ l water (or vegetable broth), vinegar/lemon juice, tabasco and salt. Roast the cumin and coriander seeds in a pan without oil, grind them in a mortar, season the soup with it, put it in cups and add bread and coriander greens. Sprinkle with some olive oil.

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