1. Vegetable bouillon

The bouillon gets better and darker from day to day. Citing my mum, the second day she said it tasted like veal, the third day it reminded her of oxtail.

For the bouillon (hm, better cook the triple amount and deep freeze the leftovers)
4 carrots
1 leek
1/3 of a celery root (or 3 stalks of celery)
½ of a kohlrabi (alternatively some other white turnip)
1 parsley root
1 parsnip
1 large onion
1 dried very hot chili
1 bay leaf
1 clove
4-5 Tbs. oil (I use olive oil)
100 ml Noilly Prat

Cut all the vegetables except the onion in small cubes of ca. 1 cm or smaller (about 1/3 inch). Don’t peel the onion, cut it in two halves equator-wise.
Put the onion halves in a heated pan without oil until they are black and really, really burnt
(hope you don’t have a smoke detector in your kitchen).

Heat the oil in a big pan. When it is hot put in the chili and stir. A few seconds later put in the vegetable cubes and fry them at really high temperature until at the bottom of the pan some golden brown traces of toasted veggies can be observed. Now add the onion with the peel, the bay leaf and the clove. Deglaze with the Noilly Prat.

Then add some 1,5 l of water. Let the bouillon cook for about 30 min. Then let it cool down. Reheat it several hours later, preferably the next day. Only then take out the vegetables and the spices (or pour the bouillon through a sieve).

Add some chives for decoration.